Saturday, 13 September 2014

Combining Exercise With Therapy For Faster Fat-Burning Action

It is very common these days to see a lot of people who are having difficulty when it comes to their weight. They are divided into two groups. Those that belong in the first group are people who need to lose weight and must strive to do a lifestyle change for the sake of their health. The second group includes those normal-weight individuals but have a different ideal weight in mind. Most of these people are aware that they have to exercise and follow a strict diet in order to achieve the weight that they need to be in. The problem is, they see these solutions to be difficult and they are not capable of doing. What makes it difficult is the fact that target results take a long time to show, which leads to the abandonment of the goal.
Those people who are aware that it is not easy to follow a strict regimen to achieve a fit and healthy body know the importance of getting the help of professionals who are knowledgeable of the body's unique composition, the intricate variables that affect weight, and the best technique to use to be able to achieve weight goals.
When it comes to health and fitness solutions that are being offered by experts, the popular these days is Hypoxi. Many wellness facilities include it in their weight loss program. Hypoxi solutions make use of a device that will enhance the results of exercise by executing therapeutic techniques that are proven to increase blood flow to specific parts of the body and speed up the rate at which fatty acids are metabolized.

Blood Circulation Enhances Fat Burning

Fat burns much faster in certain parts of the body where there is strong blood circulation than in areas with poor blood supply. That is the reason why most people are having difficulty in eliminating fat and cellulite in certain areas of their body even when they follow a strict diet and extensive workout. Hypoxi identifies the areas where blood circulation is poor so that stimulation can be applied and therefore promote fat-burning action.
Three important elements of Hypoxi:
1. Vacuum Treatment - It stimulates blood flow in certain areas through a strategy that is similar to the ancient technique of cupping. The sucking action created by the vacuum has been proven to accelerate fat loss in the abdominal area.
2. Compression Therapy - This applies high pressure to the tissue and is used to treat varicose veins. Also used in areas of weak connective tissue.
3. Fat Burning Exercise - Stimulates the transport of fatty acid to promote fat metabolism. The reclining L250 makes use of gravity to assist in the transport of fatty acids out of the problem areas and promote elimination of toxins.
Hypoxi training can help you achieve your weight goal when your exercise routine and diet program take too long to give you the effect that you want.